Swirl is a project led by a transatlantic, multi-disciplinary team with lived experiences of anxiety.

We are a social organisation, aiming to break down barriers and encourage dialogue in spaces not usually entered by mental health-specific services. We create opportunities to engage everyday people proactively in approaches to better manage worry and rumination.

Swirl's lessons focus on grounding yourself in the here and now, labelling thoughts, action-planning solutions or strengthening your ability to let anxieties go. Together, we explore the journeys of moving forward, finding flow in hobbies, connecting with others and thinking beyond ourselves. We believe we can facilitate this process through the power of beautiful print pieces and engaging community meet-ups/workshops. We hope to empower and inspire by making evidence-based advice more accessible and inviting through membership, group sessions, brand partnerships and workshops.

Our Team

Andy Walton, Project Creator. Living in Newcastle, England, Andy is a community psychiatric nurse with experience in early intervention in psychosis and with military veterans with symptoms of post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

Gina Yu, Creative Director and Writer. Based in Atlanta, USA, Gina is a multi-faceted talent, from writing, editing and photography. She helps individuals and companies with authentic and empathetic storytelling on a variety of projects.

Nate Kitch, Illustrator. An award-winning illustrator with regular work in The Guardian, New York Times, Esquire, Harper’s Magazine, New Statesman.

Hannah Buckman, Illustrator and Designer. Recent clients include ASOS Magazine, The Washington Post, gal-dem, De Correspondent & more.

Dr. Barbara Mariposa, Writing and Workshops. A medical doctor with a background in psychiatry and public health. She now works as an event leader, organisational consultant and author in the fields of mindfulness, emotion mastery, leadership, corporate performance and mental wellbeing.

Falza Khanani is an industrial designer who is passionate about connecting mental health and creative process. She is a thought partner of Swirl, contributing to ideation of the brand as our US contact. She lives in Texas and likes horses.

Nick Greenbank, Designer. Based in London and currently working at Studio Moross, Nick is a graphic designer with a focus on editorial design and typography.

Kasia Galazka, Writer .  Based in Atlanta, USA, recent work has appeared in NPR, BuzzFeed, Psychology Today, Pitchfork, and more.

Ex Why Zed, Printers. All of our print material is produced by our friends at Ex Why Zed — a Cambridge based creative printing company who we work closely with to ensure our tangible material has the desired look and feel.

We are not a substitute for professional mental health support, and we do not try to address mental health problems across the board. We are a collective offering lived and evidence-based advice, specifically for worry and anxiety.

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