Swirl Live

Overcoming overthinking involves grounding yourself in the here and now, labelling thoughts, action-planning solutions or strengthening your ability to release anxieties.

It’s about moving forward; finding flow in hobbies, connecting with others and thinking beyond ourselves. We hope to facilitate this journey with Swirl Live.

Sessions may include one-hour worry groups, facilitated by mental health professionals, designed to inspire open and honest conversations around Swirl’s lessons. Two to three-hour workshops build on conversations with mental health experts, along with practical sessions on mindfulness and finding flow in activity.

All sessions include takeaway copies of Swirl, member cards and vibrant, educational print materials, to ensure participants build on what they have learnt and continue their empowered outlook after each session.


We are excited to partner with organisations with the aim of breaking down barriers and engaging spaces not usually entered by mental health-specific services. This may include copies of Swirl, pop-up worry groups during or after working hours, collaborative workshops, or design projects to help spread our message in an artful way.

To book or enquire about our Swirl Live programmes Contact Us.

Previous events and talks include a panel discussion at Tate Modern, worry groups at Second Home and Stillpoint Spaces, advice on youth mental health for Futures Laboratory and a workshop for a school impacted by the Grenfell Fire.