Swirl Zine

Swirl Zine is an artfully designed A5, 100-page print zine.

Our busy, task-oriented lives leave little time to reflect on our wellbeing. Swirl Zine provides a tactile and aspirational reminder to pause and reflect.

We believe lived experience is a great teacher and the more voices and perspectives at the table, the better. We hope to cultivate a narrative of hope, inspire new ways of thinking and provide a sense of momentum.

Swirl Zine seeks to cultivate freedom of thought through illustrations, photo essays, poetry, and interviews that move us through sensations, lessons and reactions.

Swirl Zine aims to bring Swirl’s lessons to life by encouraging pieces that practise honest discussion, artful visual interpretation, and thoughtful expert opinion. Inspired by slow journalism and mindful reading, we will explore the following themes:

Let Go / Do / Build / Talk

Let Go
Exploring the idea of letting go through illustration and poetic verse.

Inspiring the notion of making novelty routine, cultivating an openness to new things and living more intensely. Through first-person testimonies and photo essays, we will explore barriers to engagement and advice on immersing yourself in activity.

Planning, scheduling and promoting positive daily habits through inspirational stories, discussion and illustration.

A reader’s viewpoint on a topical debate. Their story. How they get it across to the world and how they learnt to open up about their inner worlds.

We will focus on the telling of untold stories, operating within a 'slow journalism' framework, rejecting the notion of speed taking the lead. We will value meaning over mere information. We will encourage the idea of slow, thoughtful reading.

The Swirl Zine Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon. Contact Us for further information.